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I'm Nadya. Hija de inmigrantes. Dog mom to Junio. Tía "Naya" 

Born & raised in Los Angeles, my journey with education began in California through my undergraduate days at UC Irvine. Becoming a teacher & pursuing and graduating with my Master’s in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from the University of Texas at Austin brought me to the Lone Star State; my home for the last decade. I have taught across PreK-8th grade levels, in both states, with experience in the classroom and supporting teachers. My post teaching journey took me into the EdTech field; ultimately inspiring me to meld all my knowledge into Bilingual Vida! 


My favorite part of teaching is the shared connection through language with my students and their families. I continue to be passionate about honoring & upholding Spanish and Spanglish with my products reflecting this cultural identity and duality. My hope is to help you fill the void that exists in resource availability, saving you time, and enriching the teaching experience! 

 I am (amongst many other things): 

✨ Astrology: Virgo sun,  Libra moon, Gemini rising

✨ Myers–Briggs: INFJ

✨ Human Design: Manifestor 

Gracias por estar aquí.

Send me a message if you'd like to connect! 

Con mucho amor y luz,


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